Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Update

(end of week 15/beginning week 16)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 2.4

Total loss: 44.8

Not bad. I've been cringing at the thought of this weigh-in because I've just felt plateau-ish all week. But I guess this isn't one. When I'm not losing at least 2 a week I feel anxious and insecure all week that what I'm doing isn't working and I'm wasting time. When it's working I feel like I can just relax and do what I do. Does that make me a slave to the scale? Maybe. But because I am not even half way to my goal I need a way to measure and I need to see that this day in and day out lifestyle is "working". Getting the approval of the scale boosts my confidence and motivates me for the week to come.

In the Closet
It's been fun to get dressed lately. It's nice to know that I am solidly in a smaller size and it's only going to get better from here. I bought a cute little sweater on clearance the other day and it's actually an XXL instead of a Plus size 1 or 2... it's amazing how much better I look in clothes that fit.

At the Gym
Not the best week because we had a busy day Saturday which is normally a gym day. But I did 40 minutes on the bike at home and then we went hiking. I'm looking forward to working out this week. DH bought me some boxing stuff a week or two ago and I haven't gotten to try it yet. Maybe today.

In the Kitchen
Still in a bit of a rut. I hope I'll be able to spend some time looking for new recipes this week. We've been eating out way too much - but it's been all healthy choices and that's a good learning experience.

Goals and Challenges
Looking forward to a good week. My son's 9th birthday is Wednesday so that means he gets to choose dinner and there will be cake and ice cream to contend with. As long as he doesn't want to go out to a mexican restaurant I think I can easily handle whatever he chooses. I honestly don't know if I can figure out a really healthy choice at the mexican place we go to. Any suggestions?

Have a great week!

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