Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekly Update

(end of week 14/beginning week 15)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 1.6

Total loss: 42.4

Not the kind of loss I wanted to see. Last week I lost 4 lbs without working out and this week I worked my tail off and lost only 1.6. I'm sure there is some muscle gain contributing to the smaller loss and I am also sure there is some water retention going on because my rings are tighter than normal. So that means there are a few things I can do differently. We ate out more than normal and even the healthiest of restaurant meals has too must sodium. I also have been struggling to drink my water. I don't know why. I've been eating the same foods but I haven't been as attentive to getting the right balance of fruits and veggies, etc. So I can tighten up this week in those areas. I've been alternating high number/low number this whole time pretty much. So this is my low week - next week should be a high. I think I've just exposed myself as a control freak...

In the Closet
I'm happy in this area. Did some shopping this week and found out I'm a smaller size than I even thought I'd be. My pants were all 24 and a couple of old 22's that I recently fit into. The new pants I bought are 20s and they are loose :) That makes me really happy. I haven't worn this size since before I had kids. Going back to the dress up challenge - I feel like a different person when I'm wearing clothes that fit. I got alot of compliments at church yesterday and It was actually fun getting dressed today. All along my husband has been getting comments about his loss and I've hardly heard any feedback. Part of that is because I still have a long way to go and he's almost at his goal, but a big part of it was that I was wearing baggy ill-fitting clothes. It makes a world of difference to wear clothes that fit...

At the Gym
This was a great week at the gym. We got three solid workouts in plus one outside on the trails. I increased my treadmill incline to 3.5 on Saturday. That felt great. DH bought me some kickboxing stuff - I'm really looking forward to trying it out. It's good to be back in a routine after being sick.

In the Kitchen
I have not found my missing kitchen inspiration. I'll let you know if it comes back. For now it's just "same old, same old". We're eating what works but we are not very creative these days.

Goals and Challenges
I've been thinking alot about goals. My first goal was 10% of my body weight. My second goal is 50 lbs. - Half way to 100. After that it will be getting under 200. Then it will be the big 100 lb loss. I'll decide on my ultimate goal weight at that point. I'm still determined and focused. It's not "easy" but it's really fun. I enjoyed getting comments yesterday but I know that will get embarrassing at some point.

I feel like I'm entering dangerous territory. I feel really good and healthy and strong. I also carry my weight in a way that I can look in the mirror and not really see how overweight I am. If I am wearing clothes that fit and only look at myself straight on I think I look pretty good. My husband loves me and tells me how beautiful I am all the time. One of the reasons I allowed myself to gain weight over the years is that I didn't "feel" as fat as I was. I have these special rose colored glasses that trick me into thinking I'm ok the way I am. This time is different in so many ways but I think I've reached a point where I will have to work at reminding myself of how far I have to go. I will also have days where I feel like I haven't made any progress at all but the good days will be plentiful and that worries me a little. BUT the good days are good. And it's nice to have made enough progress to really make a difference in my day to day life. The challenge is to enjoy the fruit of my labor without being lulled into complacency.

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