Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Update - Week 46

On the Scale
Weigh In: 178.6
Starting Weight: 265.6
Total Loss: 87
Loss this week: 2 ?

I've been going back and forth between this weight and 182 ish for a few weeks now. So I'm not sure of my actual net loss for the week. But I was almost 2 lbs higher yesterday - so I think I have finally beaten this little bump in the road and I'm solidly in the 170s. I'm not proud of the lack of progress I've made this entire month but I am happy to be gaining a little momentum.

In the Kitchen
I'm doing things a little bit differently to try to keep my calories low without going crazy. I'm not counting my fruit and veggie calories - except for things like bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, etc. This is a mind game I'm playing but it is serving me well this week. My intake range has been at 1200 - 1600 and at this stage that makes it a challenge to lose what I want to. I really need to stick closer to 1200 - but I find that really difficult. I feel whiny and deprived at that level. (notice I didn't really say I feel hungry... hmmm.) So my strategy this week was to keep close to the 1200 calorie mark for my protein, grains, etc. calories and then not bother counting my fruit and vegetables. I have been much more likely to grab a clementine or baby carrots when I feel the need to eat something. I guess that's the rationale behind WW new program. Anyway, it's working mentally because I always feel like I can have something to eat if I really want to. I'm also not "really" counting my coffee - I usually have 3 cups with approx. 1/4 cup of 1% milk. That's somewhere around 120 calories for my coffee. I just count it as 100 and move on - no matter how much I have. I try to keep it under 3 cups - and I try to go easy on the milk... this is not good math, and it's not proper calorie counting, but it's great for morale - as long as I'm losing. It gives me the sense of freedom I need but doesn't really impact my progress. Because I lost this week it's easy to say these things are working. If I had poor results I'd be saying I need to count more precisely... welcome to my version of crazy.

At the Gym
Decent week. I went to the gym 5/7 this week and I did some form of cardio every day but one. I've been walking the puppy in the morning and that has been a nice little boost to my calorie burn. Our new YMCA is opening in a couple weeks and that is so exciting. We joined a couple of months ago in anticipation of this. It's less than 10 minutes from my house and they are calling it the best Y in the country. I'm looking forward to adding spinning, swimming, etc. to my routine. We're keeping out gym membership because they're open 24/7 and it's really cheap but I think the whole family is going to benefit from the Y.

In my Closet

No change here for a while. I think I'll be a size 14 for the summer - even if I keep up the pace I'm at now (which I intend to) I don't think I'll need to go down a size until the fall - which is good for my budget. There's room for improvement at my current size. So maybe I'll see a 12 in the Fall... maybe a 10???

Goals and Challenges
I'm trying to give it all I've got to make it to June 21st at 100 lbs. lost. I know I'm not giving it ALL I've got... because I'm still doing things like eating a chocolate covered strawberry at book club last night and doing 30 minutes of cardio instead of 60.... I'm still partly lazy and partly afraid of burnout. I would love it if I could really give it all until June 21. I have 42 days counting today. What would it look like to give my all?

What does it look like when you are giving your all?