Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly Update Week 14

(end of week 13/beginning week 14)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 4

Total loss: 40.8

Let's see...this was a challenging week. Monday and Tuesday I was having some really bad shoulder and hip pain. At first I attributed it to working out last Saturday for the first time since I got sick. But I barely ever get sore so it seemed strange. I ended up back at the Doctor's office and it turns out it was a side effect of the antibiotic I was taking. AND one of the potential side effects was ruptured tendons... NO THANK YOU! So they switched me to something else and the pain was gone in a couple of days. But that meant more rest for me. So tonight is back to the gym and I'm just hoping I'll bounce back quickly.

I did lose 4 lbs this week without working out and that actually just upsets me because I know it's probably lean tissue that I lost :(

I know I sound whiny. I won't lie - I am whiny. I had so much momentum and I was so excited but this little setback has made me grumpy. In the end it will be a good test because life doesn't stop just because I have a goal. I need to find ways to work with setbacks and stay focused.

I don't even want to talk about clothes. This has been a big discouragement for me this whole 13 weeks. I'm STILL "in between" sizes. My original size can still be worn - though some things look rediculously baggy. But the next size down isn't quite comfortable yet. How can this be after 40 lbs. lost??? I guess everything was was too tight to begin with - I didn't realize I was probably a size bigger than what I was wearing :( Blah!

On a fun note - we went Kayaking on Saturday. That has been on my goal list for some time. We have friends from church who love paddling and love sharing it with others. We used to canoe and we really loved it. I've wanted to do this for years but I always felt hindered by my weight. I know overweight people can Kayak but the whole thing just intimidated me. Saturday was beautiful all around. We paddled for hours and kept up physically. It felt great to do something active with other people and not be embarassed. I still have far to go but this was a little victory and I'm grateful for it.

After Kayaking the people who took us out suggested going to their favorite pizza restaurant. This is actually a good thing because I want my kids to feel "normal" and have a healthy relationship with all kinds of food. DH and I each had one (big) piece and a salad with light dressing. The pizza was really horribly cheesy but it was really good so I didn't feel like it was a waste of calories. I know that for long term "living like a normal person" we want to be able to do this kind of thing without freaking out. Another score.

This was a busy week and we ate out last night at The Outback. I don't know when they started this because it's been a long time since we've been there but they have a "light style" option on some of their entrees. Our server was really great to point out what made it "light". I had:

6 oz. steak, steamed veggies, salad with no crutons or cheese and light tangy tomato dressing plus two very small bites of the mashed potatoes they put on DH's plate by accident and one bite of bread with a tiny bit of butter.

Lessons Learned:
I still feel that eating out is not worth it but I know I can if I need to. I know that I really get grumpy when my workout schedule is messed up. I also get grumpy when I try on the clothes in my closet. Oh yeah, and I love Kayaking.

That's all - have a good week!

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