Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Habits Die...

Why didn't anyone tell me I could trade fudge for an Eddie Bauer down vest in a regular size?

This past weekend we went "up North" to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We've been going to this spot for more than 16 years and the trip always includes a little penny candy/general store. This year we bought the kids each a bag of candy but we didn't even consider the fudge, gouda dip, chocolate covered pretzels, grape soda, etc. that we would have normally gotten. This is what I did get:

1. A new down vest in a regular size

2. A new coat and boots for snowshoeing so I can keep active this winter

3. Spur of the moment hikes where I barely lost my breath going up inclines that felt like death last year

I'm not saying I'll never eat a piece of fudge again. I know I will. But right now my goals are more important. I even got a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate but decided not to drink it when I checked the calorie content (400+ for a TALL!!) Hubby took one for the team and gave me his nonfat Cappuccino. I used to think that my traditions would be meaningless without the food - but that is just not true. We had a great time without the old habits turning it into a setback.

I'm not perfect - although I made a great entree choice at dinner I ate a few too many bites of my son's butternut squash at our favorite restaurant and I know it had butter and brown sugar in it, I also had a few crackers and slices of cheese. I was annoyed with when I added it to my calorie total for the day because it was so not worth it.

With Thanksgiving coming I'm going to have to make some serious decisions about what traditions are "worth it". With this weekend under my belt I am convinced that my old habits are dead or dying and I'm so grateful.

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