Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the Scale Lost this week: 1.2 Starting Weight: 265.6 New Weight: 182.6 Total loss: 83 I had a great week and a modest loss. My weigh in last week was actually on Wednesday - so tomorow could show a little more. I tend to fluctuate at the begining of the week, probably due to drinking less water when I'm out and about on the weekend, but "whatever". I feel good. I was at a livable calorie level all week - I didn't even count meticulously, but I made the lowest choices I could most of the time. With the warm weather coming that means increased activity, and while I can't expect > 2 lbs a week if I don't lower my calories, I should be able to do at least this well. I think I'm content with that. My dramatic loss has already happened. I still want to lose 20 - 40 lbs but that will be much more subtle than the first 80+ . I'm in a happy place today. Emphasis on TODAY. As we all know, this weight loss thing is a roller coaster! At the Gym Solid week. Cardio 5/7 days. Weights 2/7. I upped my weight and I feel good about my progress. Last week I mentioned that I'm not enjoying the treadmill lately. That is still true. I'm just so bored by it. I'm glad to mix it up with other things. I'm looking forward to trying to run outside - I don't know yet how seriously I'll train yet, but it will be fun to try. Goals and Challenges 1. Eat Between 1200 and 1500 calories: Pretty close 2. Cardio Every Day: 5/7 Days, not too bad. I think I'll revise this because I did get tired and I felt like I needed the 2 days of rest. 3. Drink 64+ oz. Water: Check 4. Weight Training 2 - 3 X per Week: Check

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