Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Update - Week 43

Current Weight: 182.2

Starting Weight: 265.6

Total Loss: 83.4

I haven't really done a proper weekly update for a couple of weeks.

I'm in a major funk. I've been having a hard time staying within my calories, I've eaten out too much, I've not been working out like I should. My kids are sick with this major flu-like thing that's been going around - and now an ear infection. I've done very little spring cleaning. I weigh pretty much what I weighed three weeks ago.

On the bright side - we got a new puppy and he's a sweetie. We've had our "Big Dog" for 10 years and he's turning into a grumpy old man. My boys are the perfect age for a puppy so we've been looking casually for a long time - not wanting to pay a breeder. We found this guy at the Humane Society and I fell in love instantly! The only dog we've ever had is a 100 lb. Lab so this little guy is a peanut in comparison - I even let him on the couch! Gasp!

I've known for a long time that real significant weight loss requires full-time focus and it's clear to me that my mind and life are really busy right now and my goals have taken a back seat. After losing so much already I feel fit and healthy so it's easier to forget that I still have weight to lose. Tonight we're doing pictures and measurements - maybe that will be a wake up call.

I should be able to regain my focus this week. My hubby left me notes of encouragement all over the house and even filled up my water cups. My gym just went to 24/7 instead of 24/4 so I should be able to work out more. I have my first 5K this coming Saturday and I KNOW I'll be walking a good majority of it - but I'm still excited. I haven't really gained anything even though my eating has not been perfect. My birthday is a week from tomorrow. I REALLY want to hit the 100lb mark by June 21st which is the one year anniversary of starting this whole journey. I can do it can't I? I think I can - but this morning I don't really KNOW I can. Well, so far so good today. One day at a time right?

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