Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Due Date

I've written before how serious weight loss is like a pregnancy. The ever present thoughts and planning. The daily watching for physical changes. There are quite a few similarities.

Going with my metaphor, I'm almost at my due date. Not that I'm that close to my goal weight, but I've been on this weight loss trip since June 21 and that puts me at 38 weeks - almost full term :)

This helps me to deal with the recent funk I've been in. This is a long process - and I've been really focused for a very long time. And like a pregnant woman near her due date is done being pregnant and just wants to hold her baby, I am done with the calorie counting and worrying about how much I'm burning - I just want my new body !

But the problem with my metaphor is this: Serious weight loss is more like parenthood than pregnancy.

It's a life long commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I need to plan and preapare for daily nourishment and activity for my body. I need to make sacrifices and do what's good even when it's hard. I have to do the best I can and trust God for a what is not in my control. It's scary and not glamourous, and sometimes I will get puked on :) but it's worth it. And there is no due date. Once you are a parent, you are a parent every day for the rest of your life.

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