Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Update - Week 32

(end of week 31/beginning week 32)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 2

Starting Weight: 265.6
New Weight: 191.2
Total loss: 74.4

Earlier this week by body and the scale teamed up and played a mean joke - on Tuesday I actually weighed more than a pound less than my Monday weigh-in. But I must have been dehydrated because it didn't last beyond that day. But none of that matters because I had a great weigh-in today and it's all down hill from here.

In the Kitchen
This week was the week of the awesome salad but I over did that one and now I'm tired of it. We had more pasta than usual in my house. Whole wheat of course but still, a bit much. I made a wonderful sauce and I had mine over eggplant while the boys had whole wheat penne. We also had lobster on Saturday - I am happy to report that my lemon, no butter policy has held firm since this summer. We've had lobster a few times and I truly do enjoy it just as much without the butter. I've also allowed my old friend Vitatop back into the house. I've temporarily banished Luna bars... ah the games we play. We took the kids to Coldstone and I had the a kid's size Sinless Cake Batter. I bought Rocco Dispirito's book Now Eat This and I am so excited to try a few recipes. I'm feeling refreshed in my desire to be creative in the kitchen and this book seems like the perfect addition to my toolbox.

At the Gym
I only made it to the gym once because of my knee "injury" and the laziness that followed. My workout on Thursday was awesome though. I ran a little, incline walked a little, used the Arc Trainer a little... it was good stuff. I bought some new workout music and that makes a huge difference for me. Despite my hatred for re-mixes I bought the Biggest Loser Sports Anthem mix. I love it for working out - honestly I think just listening to it makes me burn calories. We also bought Just Dance 2 for Wii. I used to love to dance but growing up and gaining weight changed that. This was a fun way to be active and add some variety to my exercse routine. I wore my Bodybugg out of curiosity - I burned 300 calories in 15 - 20 minutes! We have a solid gym schedule this week so things are looking good.

In My Closet
I fit into a size 14 jeans this week! They fit fine but I didn't think they looked so good but I wore them on Saturday. When Hubby saw me he said "now that's the size you should be wearing" so I feel pretty good about it. And my 16's really do look a bit silly. Yay for size 14!

Goals and Challenges
My goals are in sight - 185 soon and then on to 165 by the end of April which will be 100 lbs. lost. My #1 goal this week is to make working out a priority not an afterthought. My knee is better, my schedule is cooperating, I have what I need here so I don't even have to leave the house if it snows... I have no reason to not work my butt off this week. I am also struggling still with my calories - In my mind I know I would get better results if I dropped down to 1400 or 1200 but 1600 is just so easy for me. I don't even feel like I have to try very hard at that level - which is good and bad. I'm going to shoot for 1400 today and see how it goes.

Happy Monday everyone! If you live where I live stay warm and check on your eldery neighbors. If you live where it's not the arctic tundra go play outside!

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  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It encourages me to know that my walking speed will improve over time.

    Congratulations on the two pounds this week and 74 lbs overall. That is fantastic! One more, congrats on the size 14s. That sounds so unreal to me these days. Wear them proudly.

    I too am excited about the Now Eat This book. I had read about in on another blog and then told my husband about it. He ordered it and it was delivered yesterday. He's making me wait until my birthday on Monday to look at it. I don't hardly ever cook unless forced to, like when he goes out of town. I would like to cook for us and Rocco's book looks sounds like it will have some good (and healthy) recipes.

    Hope you have another good week.