Thursday, January 20, 2011

Salad Satisfaction

I thought I was getting sick of salad. But it turns out I was just getting sick of Bell Peppers and my regular salad dressing... I just had the best salad for lunch. 250 Calories at the very most.

Mixed Greens (whatever is the in overpriced fancy greens box I bought this week)

Thinly sliced Cucumber with the skin

Thinly sliced radish

Green Onions

Thinly Sliced Celery

Cherry Tomatoes - 70 for the whole salad

2 Grilled Portabello Mushrooms - 50

1 oz. Goat Cheese melted on the mushrooms - 76

2 TBSP Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing - 50 calories

Now I know from experience that these are my favorite kind of lunches. Really big on flavor but when It's gone I'm satisfied because it had alot of bulk with the greens. Now that's a salad. I'll get some protein in my afternoon snack - Chobani w/ a tsp. of honey. I could totally be a vegetarian. Except for the pork tenderloin I'm cooking for dinner. That probably counts as meat ;)

Now please look away while I lick my plate....

How do you build a satisfying salad?

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