Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Update - Week 31

(end of week 30/beginning week 31)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 2

Starting Weight: 265.6
New Weight: 193.2
Total loss: 72.4

2 is my favorite number. When I lose 2 lbs in a week I feel like I got what I paid for in healthy eating and exercise. Yay!

In the Kitchen
This week I made a few new meals. Beef Tagine from Cooking Light - loved it. Salmon with caper sauce from Jillian Michaels site - so good. I did a good job measuring portions for the most part. I'm trying to bring down my daily calorie allowance but I am just so stinkin comfortable at 1600 ish calories that I find myself there almost every day. If I stay there I will need to burn more and that's difficult in the Winter. Oh well, I lost 2 lbs and ate healthy all week long. My extra calories this week did not include Luna bars for once. I did eat alot of fruit though. I feel good about this. Luna bars are great but they were becoming a high calorie habit. Last night I made roast beef with baked potatoes and gravy and all that... I ate a white potato! gasp! A little too much gravy but there wasn't much fat in it and it made the potato worth it. After 6 months with amost no white potatoes I find them really bland.

At the Gym
I tried the Arc Trainer this week and I really like it. I always thing people look a little funny when they do it and I could feel that I looked that same way but it was a great workout. We also set up our Body Shop and I love that too. I have to be careful I got "stuck" a couple of times where couldn't get out of the position I was in without letting go of the handles and sending myself crashing head first into the foot plate. It was amusing. And my hair got stuck a couple of times. Yeah, I didn't feel very graceful but I got a good workout. It's nice to have some alternatives.

In My Closet
I love that the coat I bought in October was tight then and is now roomy. I have a new love. Target has these great long sleeved "Tissue Tshirts" and they are my new favorite. I wear them under tshirts and sweaters, etc. They are so light and soft. The problem is that I sometimes forget how sheer they are - they don't work for modesty the way my regular layering tank tops do.

Goals and Challenges
I'm feeling pretty good. I hurt my knee today snowshoeing so I am sitting here hoping this doesn't prevent me from working out this week. I fell right on a rock and I really thought it was going to be a serious injury - so if it's just a bad bruise I'll take that. I feel like I'm settled in and focused on my next goal. I'm shooting for 100lbs lost by the end of April. My next mini goal is 185.6 (80 lbs). I'm thinking pedicure...

Happy Monday everyone!

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