Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Update - Week 27

(end of week 26/beginning week 27)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 4

Starting Weight: 265.6
New Weight: 197
Total loss: 68.6

Before I jump for joy too much - we got a new scale and it's slightly lower than my old one. So I probably only lost 3 this week - I get a 1 lb advantage :) Ok, now I can jump for joy! I am now officially under 200! Even at night. That is all I wanted for Christmas :)

In my Kitchen
I'm doing well with meals but I'm running low on snack ideas. My snacks are usually either plain greek yogurt with honey, baby carrots with laughing cow or hummus, grapes or apple with reduced fat cheddar. They all sound good to me right now but they're a little boring. I've stopped putting granola in my yogurt because it was pushing the calories too much.

At the Gym
C25K week 8 starts today. 28 minutes seems too long :( I am working pretty hard to finish 25. I'm still super slow but I have gone up from under 4 mph to 4.2 and 4.5 so that's some good progress. Now that I'm over 4 I won't go back down. But I probably won't go faster until I'm done with week 9 - then I'll work on my time. Hubby was sick last week so I was working out alone - it was too easy to just go home after cardio. Tonight should be a good workout.

Goals and Challenges
The biggest challenge this week will be Christmas. We're having dinner here and that should be easy to handle - I'll probably make a filet roast with veggies. That night we're going to my inlaws and I'm bringing salad with some grilled chicken. It's usually a pot-luck type meal with sandwiches, etc. So what I'm bringing will be just perfect - for me anyway ;) For indulgences - I know my husband is going to put some really good chocolate in my stocking - but just a little bit. I'm also going to eat small amounts of a few treats. This will be a little more of a temptation than Thanksgiving was. But I'm ok. I'm not worried about going overboard. And I'm not worried one day affecting my progress.

I just hit a big goal that I care about quite a bit. The next one is the 100 lbs mark. That will not happen until Spring so I need to do some reflecting to come up with mini-goals to get me there.

When I started this in June I had no way of knowing how good this would feel. Too anyone on the fence, wanting to lose weight but not truly committed.... it's worth it :)

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