Saturday, December 18, 2010

Onederland 199.8

It doesn't seem real does it ? I don't even remember the last time I was under 200. It must have been before I got pregnant with my first son almost 10 years ago. I think I was 186 when I got married. In high school I was curvy but not "fat" and I started to put the weight on after I graduated. At one point I lost 50lbs or so, but I don't remember what my weight was.

Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life. I got up and went to the gym where I ran 2 miles. I ate a healthy breakfast, and did I mention I weighed in under 200 lbs?

I am nowhere near my goal weight but I feel amazing. So many times I started down this road only to stop and later look back and say "if only I had kept going, I'd be at my goal by now". This time I'm looking forward and I'm really doing it

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