Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Update - Week 25

Weekly Update - Week 25
(end of week 24/beginning week 25)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 1.4

Starting Weight: 265.6
New Weight: 203.2
Total loss: 62.4

I was hoping for 2 but I'll take 1.4

In my Kitchen
We've settled into a comfortable routine with eating. Things are going smoothly. I don't even feel bored any more. I do need to lay off the Luna bars. This has become my new Vitatop... quick and convienient but not the best choice.

At the Gym
Feeling good about my cardio - I'm doing C25K W6D1 tonight. I need to do more with my weight routine. I feel like I'm not progressing anymore with my upper body. I've been doing the same amount of weight, same reps, for a long time.

Goals and Challenges
I plan to keep going with C25K. I'm coming up on a huge milestone and I'm not sure how to celebrate. If nothing strange happens I should have no problem getting under 200 lbs by Christmas. I have alot of thoughts and emotions attached to that number. I should probably get those all sorted out before it happens so I don't have a meltdown :) I think it's starting to sink in that I'm really doing this. I still have 60ish lbs to lose but I just feel comfortable in my own skin. Someone posted recently about how our perception of our own weight is often so wrong. For years I had a sense of how I looked and how big I was. The wierd thing is that I have "felt" for years the way I now actually look. I know that sounds strange. I am no longer surprised, except maybe pleasantly, when I see a photo or catch my reflection in the mirror.

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