Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Looking Back

Last night I walked out of my favorite plus size clothing store for the last time. I had to return a pair of pants that were cut strange and didn't fit. They let us in 5 minutes before closing but I couldn't find anything to exchange the pants for so I just took cash.

The truth is, I don't need to shop there anymore. I can shop at "regular" stores that I love. This is actually hard to adjust to. For so long my choices have been limited and my thinking hasn't caught up to the changes in my body. When I need to buy clothes I still think only of those few stores. I do this with other things too - the other night at book club I instinctively ignored a seat on the couch because I didn't think I could fit. I fit just fine - with room to spare - I could even cross my legs! I wonder when this will change.

So back to the store. They had to unlock the door to let us out - it felt so ceremonial. I looked at my husband and said "that's the last time I'm walking out of that store". It felt great. No looking back.

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