Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Update - Week 11

(end of week 10/beginning week 11)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 2.8

Total loss: 32.4

At the Gym
Pretty good week. My husband hurt his calf running this week so we had a slightly modified schedule. We still made it to the gym 3x but one of our cardio workouts was cut short. I made up for it at home. With life getting busy getting ready for the new school year the days off from the gym have been mostly rest days. It won't always be that way but the next few weeks it will have to be enough.

1/2 of a yoga workout :( No extra activity because of the hurt husband and the busy schedule.

In the Kitchen
Food rut continues... I'm enjoying the food we are eating but there is not much variety. Basically I rotate between the same 3 breakfasts, salad with some kind of protein for lunch and a rotation of the same 5 or so things for dinner. I think we are all getting sick of chicken. My creativity is limited until payday and then I can have some fun in the kitchen. For now we will wallow in our rut.

The Closet
I found two bras! LOL, they were in my drawer but were way too tight to be comfortable. Now they fit just fine. I also had to discard one in a bigger size that is just to big. My wedding ring fits again. I haven't worn it in years. My ring is a diamond band - which is costly to resize because the whole thing would have to be reset (or so they tell me) so we had bought me a simple gold band - probably after my youngest was born. Now I'm wearing both but the little gold band is getting really loose so I may have to retire it. My engagement ring is another story. About 10 years ago I had lost about 60 lbs (pre-children). At that time we had my engagement ring sized and I wore it above my wedding band so it would keep that one from slipping off. Well it's still way too small but it's one of the things I am most looking forward to when I get closer to my goal weight - not because of the ring itself, although a diamond ring is a nice reward, but because it will be a big milestone for me.

Challenges and Goals
I really want to drink my water this week. I've slacked off a little and yesterday I just felt so dry and thirsty all day.

I want all of my cardio workouts this week to be 60 minutes.

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