Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet my friends

I have a few new friends I want you to meet. These guys have played a big part in the success of my weight loss efforts these past few weeks.

These guys are oil sprayers. Basically you fill one of these babies with your own healthy oils and use it like you would a commercial cooking spray. The nice thing is that you can spray it right on your food. I love the results and I love that I'm not spraying chemical propellants around my kitchen. I had one of these years ago, I don't know what happened to it. I bought two - one for olive oil and one for canola as you can see from my beautiful little chalkboard labels (I added those). BTW, chalk doesn't work well when you touch it frequently while cooking. Oh well, they look cute even when the chalk is all rubbed off.

This guy doesn't have a name yet, but like my vacuum Moe, he is such an integral part of the family that he deserves one.

Just a simple non-stick skillet, but he has been the key to my becoming the queen of egg white omelets and other wonderfully healthy gourmet creations I've been cranking out of my kitchen lately.

These are a few tools that have really helped me stay out of a food rut. Cooking can be art. Healthy cooking is a skill. Having the right tools can really help.

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