Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Update - Week 21

(end of week 20/beginning week 21)

On the Scale
Lost this week: 1

Total loss: 54.6

I'm biting the bullet and switching back to a Monday weigh-in. That means I'm a day short. I only lost 1 lb this week. After a small loss last week I expected more but it is what it is. I had a great week and I will continue to work hard and eat right this week - and I'll hope for a spectacular rebound week next week.

In my Kitchen
I had a good week - I made a few new things and a few old favorites and I think everyone was happy for the most part. This week I'm going to try to lighten up a few of our old standbys - Shepherd's Pie tonight. My backup grocery store now carries extra lean ground beef which makes me really happy. I'm going to do half with sweet potatoes I think. Hubby bought me a new healthy cookbook and I'm going to find a few new recipes to try this week.

In my Closet
I can't wear my size 20 jeans anymore - I just cant. I look like a clown. But last night I was able to zip up the 16s I bought a month or two ago to have on deck. They are not super comfortable but I know they will be fine after wearing for a couple of hours. I know not all 16s will fit - I even bought a couple of 18s at a thrift store that don't fit but this brand, this style is working. This is a huge NSV. I can't remember the last time I wore a 16.

Another sweet victory is my new pajama pants. Every year we buy the boys new PJs for Christmas Eve. Hubby usually gets some too. I usually don't because I just didn't care. Clothes were a necessary evil because I didn't feel cute so "why bother". Well this year when I ordered theirs I ordered a pair for me too. I just love them! I know it's not Christmas yet - but I'm not waiting. Althought I'm enjoying clothes right now I hope this will pass. This was never an important budget item for me but it's becoming one...

At the Gym
This was a good workout week though I only went to the gym once. Hubby set up a pretty decent workout area in the basement - I can get my cardio (bike and boxing), plus weights and a few other fun things - medicine ball, bosu, etc. Now when it's cold and rainy and our schedule is tight I can workout downstairs. I've gone back to doing weights for my lower body and I did Weight Loss yoga 3 or 4x (I can't remember). I feel strong and even though the scale hasn't moved as much as in the past I can tell things are changing.

Goals and Challenges
If I keep losing less than 2 lbs a week I won't make it to 199 by Christmas :( I would have to lose a solid 2 lbs a week and that includes Thanksgiving. I'm not revising my goal just yet but I may have to make it New Years - which is where I had that goal originally. I'm slightly tempted to just work my butt off and not weigh myself till then. As a daily weigher I don't think that will fly... pondering.

My Bodybugg is aggrivating me. It says I have a 1000 calorie deficit each day but the scale is not reflecting that - two weeks in a row. I am really good about measuring portions and tracking everything so something else has to be going on. Hopefully it's just muscle building and not that the stupid thing was a waste of money :)

Tonight is my book club - late night out but it's supposed to be picture night. We'll see if hubby is still awake when I get home. If so I may have some before and afters to share tomorrow.

It's wet and rainy here in New Hampshire - there was even a bit of sleet last night. I'm anxious to try my new snowshoes so "let it snow!"

I hope you all are having a happy Monday.

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