Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Update - Week 34

(end of week 33/beginning week 34)

On the Scale
Lost this week: .6

Starting Weight: 265.6
New Weight: 189.4
Total loss: 76.2

I'm in the 180s! .6 is not a great loss but I like the number. The scale has been up and down all week long. As I posted yesterday in Refresh, this has been a not-so-good week. It seems complicated but I don't know if it really is. Either way, yesterday was a line-in-the-sand kind of day. A restart of sorts. I think I'm discovering that there really is a kind of funk that creeps in now and then where losing weight seems tedious and not as important as it really is. Those times are coming closer and closer together as I lose more. That increase means that I need to focus all the more - I need to do my best every day because who knows how I'll feel tomorrow and what those feelings will do to my end result.

In the Kitchen
Again the previous week in the kitchen is a blur. I've decided to start tracking and planning the meals I cook more regularly. Usually I just plan a certian number of meals and then cook what I feel like cooking out of that list. I'm going to start to try to stick to my plan for a given day - but at the very least I want to write it down since I have a horrible memory these days.

At the Gym
What gym?

In My Closet
So 14 is not as comfortable as 16 so I'm still in between. But I like my clothes and I will have all I need until Spring.

Goals and Challenges
I wrote about my goals for the week yesterday but I'll list them again here:

1. Fresh start with all the enthusiasm I had when I first began in June

2. Wear my bodybugg and track all my calories

3. 1200 - 1600 calories with a 1000+ calorie defecit each day

4. Train for the 5K I'm signed up for in April

So far, so good. I went to the gym last night for 30 minutes of cardio and about the same for strength. I did a little running using C25K. I had gotten all the way up to the end of week 8 and then stopped. I backed up to week 4 to get ready for the 5K I signed up for in April - just 3 days before my birthday and my goal of a 100 lb loss. That should be a great weekend :)

I had a 1300 calorie day yesterday. That was awesome. If I could do that every day I'd be really happy.

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